8 Must Visit Places in Scandinavian countries



A lot of us have heard about Scandinavia countries yet the first thought that pops in our heads when somebody says the word Scandinavia is utter coldness rather than its rich history and breathtaking views. This northern region of Europe consist of Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark have extensive yet interesting cultural background and don’t even get me started on how beautiful things are in that part of the world. In this blog we will be covering a short part of what cities you should visit while planning a Reis naar Noord-Europa and its most eye catching sites. Take out some time and check out what’s so special about northern Europe.

  • The Rapa River, Sweden

The Rapa River is as unusual as its name sounds, this 75km long lake passes by some incredible cities, even though it starts from its source to Lake Tjaktjajaure. The most famous and astonishing of this beautiful is the laitaure delta at the beginning of the lake and because of its unspoiled nature and rough landscapes the surrounding is sometimes referred to as “Alaska of Europe” with an impressive left to discover. The site is located near sarek National park, which attracts backpackers however the view becomes even more breathtaking when seen from a plane or helicopter.

  • Kirkeness Snow Hotel, Norway

This Beautiful Hotel situated 10 Km away from the city Kirkeness is a mystery and pleasure in itself to live in. It offers unique accommodation, the arctic themed snow suites available only in winter features handmade beautiful snow sculptures making it more unique and astonishing. Other than its beautiful suites you can also have a view of most eye catching view of the stars and northern lights which is something that only happens in northern Europe and to top it off the ice bar there is really cool.

  • Lapland, Finland

As I have already told you that the nature in that part of the world is astonishing and can’t be found anywhere else in the world Due to its rare geographic conditions. Nature there is very diverse.  The most of Finland is covered by the taiga while its far northern region hitting the Arctic Circle. In winters many foreigner and locals come by to stay in igloo suites with an incredible and breathtaking view of milk way and northern lights from the ceiling of your suites.

  • Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden is a combination of rich historical background with some lovable and soothing attractions. This beautiful city holds not one but two UNESCO world heritage sites. “The Royal Palace drottingholm” (the residence of royals) and the magical “skogskyrkogarden” (woodland cemetery) being a centre of tourist attraction of millions of foreigners every year. Striking street yet cobbled streets, attracting Overhead city canals bridges, and astonishing architecture and many other reasons to visit this beautiful place.

  • Helsinki, Finland

The capital city of Finland and country’s largest city Helsinki is a unmatchable destination for tourists and foreigners to visit at any time of the year. Particular area of the city faces the Baltic Sea. It’s a city you should explore on foot or else you would miss out on a lot. If you ever plan to be there don’t miss out on mannerheimintie starting from the central railway station where you will be to catch sight of the stature of Marshal Mannerheim who is the most important man in the history of Finland. Linnanmaki Amusement park is a great place to hang out if you are exhausted after all the city sighting.

  • Bergen, Norway

The reviews of tourist say that Bergen is most beautifully built city of Norway, Bergen is country’s second largest loctation of majestic and Fantasy Mountains also known as the city between mountains being the center of European city culture. The old wharf of Bergen serves as a reminder of city’s most important role in hanseatic leagues trading empire. 

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital can be glad for joining the best characteristics of Scandinavia and being a hip range in the area. The city is the focal point of culture. Numerous specialists live here, in this way other than numerous displays and exhibition halls, works of art can be seen basically in the lanes. Christiania is a self-announced Freetown in the capital’s neighborhood. The inhabitants and visitors develop free soul form and way of life here. The individuals who seek after a profession in expressions of the human experience or are explorers come to Christiania to get roused.

  • Lofoten, Nordland, Norway

Circle, the atmosphere here is shockingly mellow. It is an oddity – the climate in Lofoten is truly warm considering its Nordic scope. It likewise has a rich marine life, including the greatest profound water coral reef on the planet. Aside from having a pleasant scene, Lofoten offers different exercises. Guests go climbing, climbing, cycling and notwithstanding surfing. Unstad is the most well-known surfing goal. In summer 24 hours of light give the best involvement to the stone climbers and mountain climbers.



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